Cesspool Pumping on Long Island Maintenance that’s Required

Urban homes connect to municipal sewer systems. Conversely, a majority of the older and country rural homes still make use of self-contained septic tanks for the management of their waste. Although installing a septic system is easier initially, it may be costly in the long run due to the cesspool pumping on Long Island it requires.

cesspool pumping on Long Island

Contracting the assistance of cesspool service Long Island can be one of the ways of maintaining your cesspool. Cesspool pumping on Long Island will be a great alternative in case you have extra financial resources and want your septic tank to be handled by seasoned professionals. Despite its efficiency, working with a waste management company can be costly and may result in a big dent on your purse. Unknown to most people, you can save yourself reasonable amounts just by maintaining the system yourself.


How Septic Systems Work

Most septic systems consist of two main components: a drain field or a well. However, most updated systems make use of a septic tank as opposed to a well for better efficiency. Although older wells and modern septic systems use the same concept, minor differences exist in their design.


Septic Maintenance

If you’re on a tight budget and want to save some money, then the best option will be carrying out regular septic maintenance. Not only will it increase your cesspool’s longevity but also bring about optimal performance. You can follow the steps below when maintaining your cesspool:


Step 1:

  1. Step 1: pump out all the contents of the tank to eliminate the accumulated solid sludge at the bottom. You can do this every one or two years. In case the task is arduous, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of cesspool pumping on Long Island.

Step 2

  1. Step 2: remove any muck from the rear and front of the septic tank. Eliminating excess residue reduces the clogging of the pipes.

Step 3

  1. Step 3: make a point of checking for the existence of any gaps and sealing them. Sealing all vents will prevent the entry of rain or groundwater in the tank.

Step 4

  1. Step 4: conduct regular inspection of the ground above the tank to ensure that no sinkhole exists. If you notice a sinkhole, you may need to call cesspool service on Long Island to fix it due to its complexity.

Step 5

  1. Step 5: desist from flushing chemicals in the drain. Doing so reduces the longevity of the septic tank.


Regular cesspool maintenance is critical to the well being of your family. Cesspool pumping Long Island can do the trick for you in case you need extra help.